External Audit or statutory audit is necessary to meet the requirements of the Corporate laws.  Services for External  / statutory Audit are provided  by considering International Standards on Auditing and relevant rules and regulations. Reasonable assurance on financial statements is expressed based on verification carried out by the audit team. 
Internal audit for medium to large scale organizations are considered to be necessary to make sure management’s policies and procedures being complied with. This includes review of compliances of the local laws in relation to industry specific regulations. We provide exceptional reports and solution to the problems in relation to internal controls.
Based on the rules and regulations of VAT, assessment of potential impact is carried out and assistance is provided to the customers for compliance of laws.
Many small to medium sized companies consider that keeping staff for recording of transactions brings more economic burden on the organizations. Accordingly, such SMEs prefer to outsource the recording of books and accounts. In view of this, our company provides full-fledged services for book keeping on behalf of customers by using appropriate accounting software. Wherever required, company provides monthly or quarterly accounts and annual accounts to the management.
Many medium sized companies need to have strategic decision making by financial experts. All the companies do not afford to hire competent CFOs for such advices. Accordingly,  in order to assist the customers, we provide Shared CFO services on strategic matters including in corporate restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, banking, corporate financing, international taxation and foreign investments etc and periodic review of books of accounts.  Such CFO’s services are provided on cost effective basis.
Many new businesses require projected financial statements or projected cash flows for their project plans. Some times, these are required for purpose of getting loans from the financial institutions or for the purpose of acquisition of the companies. This may additionally require financial feasibility. Our company assists to provide projected cash flows, projected financial statements, ROI, ROE and wherever required financial feasibilities for the projects or businesses etc. Reasonable key assumptions are discussed with the customer in advance.
At the time of acquisition of a company or for sizeable investment, this is recommended for any company to carry out financial, tax, legal, commercial and operational Due Diligence. Due diligence helps investor to arrive at a true picture of the investee company or the project and helps to understand the risks and issues to be considered before making the investment.  Our  Company provides services for financial due diligence before acquisition of a company and helps to provide adjustments in the net worth of the company for any necessary decision making.
It is very necessary for any prospective investor to ascertain the realistic value of the company or shares. Valuation is a technique used based on certain practices and standards, which help to ascertain the worth of the shares of the company by using various methodologies. We provide valuation of the companies or business or shares using the methodologies for the particular circumstances and industry.
Necessary services are provided for incorporation of companies within UAE and outside UAE with the assistance of our collaborating partners.  In addition, all underlying work for liquidation of companies is also advised as and when required.
Company has collaboration with various professional software houses to provide software to the customers as per their specific needs. We provide necessary input from accounting control point of view and  make sure all requirements and any taxation impact are considered for various compliances.
In a few industries, fixed asset comprise of high value items and warrant for high attention of management to safeguard these. Accordingly, we provide  assistance to the management of the companies for maintaining fixed asset register  and  help to incorporate good internal controls to safeguard of the assets.
for various countries: Company provides assistance in terms of taxation and corporate governance of various countries including for Pakistan,  Australia, UK, US, India, Canada , Afghanistan through our corresponding partners in respective countries.

The UAE decreed laws relating to Economic Substance Regulations (“the Regulations”) which became effective as of 1 January 2019. Following are two broad filing requirements under the Regulations:

  • Submission of Notification form and
  • Annual substance return.

Under UAE laws, there are various licensing authorities, who issue license for mainland, free zones or special activities etc. These include Department of Economic Development, Free zone Authorities, Central Bank, Insurance authorities etc.

Each authority has issued the deadlines for submission of notification form, which in most cases is 30 June 2020. All companies are required to assess and submit the notification and comply with laws, except for government owned entities with 51% or more ownership.

Submission of notification includes assessment of relevant activities carried out by the entity whether these are part of license or not. So this assessment is the key matter, which must be carried out without any delay. Companies are required to asses such activities and submit the return. Non-compliance may attract penalties ranging from AED 10,000 to AED 50,000 and in subsequent year may range to AED 300,000.

We at AMC assist in assessment of activities and submission of notice and subsequently submission of return.